Inspiration for Education

Have you ever been inspired by an educator in your life?  This adorable little apple and caterpillar were the perfect combination of cuteness when a co-worker asked me to make a Mother's Day card for her sister who is an educator.  I should also give a big shout out to Kelli at Bee Craftee who not only inspired me to create this card but to start my own blog for Haystack Cards.

I come from an education background myself... my own mother is a school counselor and my undergraduate degree is in Science Education.  That could explain why I also enjoy working at the School of Education at the College of William and Mary.

Not only did this card work for Mother's Day, but had I thought about it sooner, the sentiment could have been modified for Teacher Appreciation Week at the childcare center where my children attend school.  I'm particularly appreciative of the educators in my life -- thank you for inspiring me to be a better person and mother.


  1. Nice card and Bio Jen. Keep up the good work


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