Happy for You

This week is filled with birthdays...

Feb. 3 - Scott, my husband
Feb. 4 - Renea, a friend from work
Feb. 6 - Jackson, my soon-to-be 1-year old son

I started this card with the SP & Company Mini Card Creations II stamp set using the "Happy for You" sentiment.  This card really evolved when I started with one Doodlecharms party hat.  It seemed like something was missing so I added another party hat.  I also raised the top layer of each hat with pop dots to give the hats a unique look.

It all came together when I added the embossed background with dots to compliment the dots on the party hats.  The black borders also compliment the style of the stamp set.  The sentiment panel is raised with pop dots too.  I have to say this is one of my favorite birthday cards so far!


In the end, I've decided to give this card to my friend, Renea.  I hope she'll be surprised.  Happy Birthday, Renea!  

Check back soon... to see the birthday card I make for Jackson.


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