A Peacock Princess

This year for Halloween, my daughter decided at the last minute that she wanted to be a peacock.  Thanks to Pinterest, I found some great ideas for costumes and even better a tutorial on how to make a princess tutu.

Tutus are so simple to create as long as you use 6-inch wide spools of tulle!  If I had only found that tutorial sooner, she would have had tutus in every color for the last six years. So... for the peacock tutu, I cut various layers of turquoise, navy, and lime green tulle and then wrapped each piece around a 1/2-inch elastic waist band.

My daughter had great fun helping me roll out the spools of tulle.  We actually made the tutu together in one evening.  Here she is modeling the costume last night:

I ordered the peacock feathers online and decided to use them for accent pieces.  I folded a small piece of cardstock around an existing plastic headband and stapled it on both sides, glued on two feathers and layered on three paper flowers colored with my Copics.  A jeweled brad held the three layers together.  [Tip: You can easily slide the cardstock base off for future headband use] 

I used the same supplies for the clip that is attached to her shirt.  My original idea was to attach this to the tutu but was afraid the feathers would get mangled the minute she put the tutu on.  Here are a few more close-ups:  

Now all we need to do is wait for Halloween to get here... and to decide what her little brother will be.  What would make a good sidekick for a peacock princess?  Keep in mind her little brother is almost two years old.  Please share your ideas in the comment section below.


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