Butterfly Card Box for Sending Prayers

Hi, everyone! Is anyone else glad it's the weekend? I have another crafty weekend ahead since the kids will be spending the night at Pop-Pop's house... and my cousin who also likes all things paper crafting is coming down to join me tomorrow afternoon for a full afternoon of crafty goodness. Yay!

So last weekend as you know, I created this lovely sympathy card for a friend of the family. I didn't want it to get crushed up in the mail so I decided to create a box for it instead of slipping it into an envelope.

I used many of the same supplies so it would match. The box with attached lid is created from a single sheet of 8-1/2 x 11 cardstock - check out the video tutorial here

I shipped the butterfly box inside a small USPS priority mail box and stuffed it with a sheet of butterfly tissue paper so that the box would not slide around and get damaged during transit.

When I designed the card, I didn't think about mailing it. What lengths would you go to to make sure your handmade card gets there in one piece?

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